"If you wanna climb a mountain,you obviously aim for the top,but you gotta enjoy the scenery too."
I'm Noemi (22) from Hungary. A high functioning
fangirl,totally awkward and an ultimate freak! =)
I love sooo many things as you can see in this blog.(but basically !YAOI!,SuperWhoMerLock,Assassin's
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Inui’s horrible stomach ache caused by his special juice!  >:)

(The New Prince of Tennis - 05)

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Artist: tanaca

(scanned by me from the original doujinshi)

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「 posted with artist`s permission もいさま

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by gusari

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the fairy tale which kuroko plays (◕‿◕✿)

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When those classic married couples have scenes together after a mumble jumble of other ships…

I appreciate you being here.

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Bakumatsu Rock characters and their rockin’ seiyuu ^-^

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Ah yes, nothing like the traditional rave concerts performed by the Shinsengumi.

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